Collection: Waterslide Transfers - Custom Laser Printed in Full Colour (including Black AND WHITE)

There are two main methods of printing waterslide media. The first is for applying to white substrates. This is suitable for full-colour artwork (CMY & Black AND White Toner). 

White only designs don't need under printing either as the white toner is more opaque than the CMY toners and will still show up well on dark substrates. 

If you are applying your transfers to anything other than white substrates then you must order the white underprinting type. This prints a layer of white underneath the artwork before printing the CMY full-colour design over the top. The white under printing ensures your artwork/transfers will show up clearly on dark substrates. If you're unsure, you can still order the white underprinting as these will work in all cases, on any colour substrate whatever your artwork consists of :)

Please ensure you follow the artwork setup requirements as detailed on the product pages. Which in summary is min 300dpi setup for the page size you're ordering with a 10mm clear margin all around. Ideally saved as a .png with a transparent background. ALL white in your artwork will be printed, including white backgrounds so if you want a transparent background, you must provide the artwork with transparency. 

PDF and SVG and other formats are accepted, but there's more scope for error here, so ensure all artwork including fonts is converted to curves. 

If you know a lot about this print process and have very specific requirements, then drop us an email with your order number (or add a note to seller during checkout if it's brief) and feel free to specify the settings you need.