Application Instructions - Full Colour Laser Printed DTF Transfers

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For these transfers you MUST use a heat press, ironing these transfers will not give reliable and consistent results as an even heat and pressure distribution is paramount for a good quality application that will last.

Use the following table to select the most appropriate temperature, time & pressure for the substrate you are applying your transfer to. It’s also a good idea to pre-press garments for a few seconds to flatten them out and remove any moisture before applying the transfer.

Pressing Instructions for DTF Heat Transfers
  • Position the transfer on the substrate, cover with the included finishing sheet (which can be reused a lot of times) and press using the settings in the table below.
  • Once the ‘application press’ is complete, remove the garment/item carefully from the platen and set aside on a cold flat surface and wait for the transfer to be completely cold. Try not to bend the transfer or snag it on anything when moving.
  • When cold, carefully peel back a corner of the transfer foil and fold it over into a tight roll (see example pictures on the last page). While holding the garment to prevent it from stretching/moving, roll off the transfer foil using both hands in a low and slow tight roll. We recommend rolling away from you so you can see the transfer release from the carrier foil.
  • After the transfer foil has been removed, place the garment/item back on the press for a ‘finishing press’. This process is very important as it presses the printed transfer into the substrate and bonds it properly for increased durability and a softer feel. Simply place the item on the press and cover the transfer with the finishing paper provided. Press again using the same values in the table below that you used before. As soon as the time has elapsed, carefully peel off the finishing sheet from the transfer whilst it’s still hot and you’re done! :) 

Washing & Care Instructions

Please ensure items that need to be washed are done so using the following guidelines. If making items for a customer, let them know these instructions for washing and looking after their garments to ensure the best durability and longevity.

Washing - 40ºC - Cold Wash - Inside out - Do not use bleach
Drying - Hang dry - Do not tumble dry
Ironing - Don’t iron directly on the print
Iron inside out or place baking/parchment paper over the print to iron carefully

Other Notes

It’s not uncommon for your press to have uneven pressure over the platen or a temperature that’s not exactly the same as the digital display shows. If you are not getting reliable results, please check the temperature of the heat element in several places with a digital thermometer and adjust as required. Once you are sure your temperature is good, if the results are still not as desired, have a look online for tips to even out the pressure on your press. Things like using a heat pillow or pressing pad can help. 

If part of the transfer isn’t releasing easily from the carrier sheet when peeling from the substrate, just stop where you are and put it back on the press for another 30 seconds. If possible, place on the press the other way around in case the press has some inconsistencies in the heat element or pressure, wait for it to cool down, then try the peel again. You can also try peeling from a different direction if it’s being stubborn! - This shouldn’t be a common problem if using a good quality heat press, but even the best presses can have issues.

Store any unused transfers in an air-tight container or bag in a cool dark place. Do not expose to moisture/humidity, direct sunlight or heat.

It’s a good idea to perform a few wash tests on your first transfer to be sure your equipment is fixing the transfer sufficiently to the substrate. Doing this means you can be confident that your settings are good and your future pressed transfers will be consistent. If you have any issues with washing, please check that your heat press is performing adequately.

Tight Roll - Peeling off the transfer film to reveal the laser printed heat transfer